...everything you need when face to face is not an option.

My Online Birth Support

 I am here for you.

As we move through the midst of a pandemic we are also in a crisis for birthing women worldwide.

Women being asked to birth on their own without support, women moved towards medical intervention and partners feeling the weight of their role for advocacy even more so is creating a mix of intensified uncertainty.

Feelings of loss over birth choices including the in person support of a doula are the reality for many. Birthing couples need hands on advice, guidance and they need it NOW to ensure they don't give away even more of their power and still have the right of a positive birth experience.

You have arrived

in the right place. 

With my extensive hands on experience of supporting births, knowledge and intuitive guidance I can take you towards a positive birth right now. 

I have coached expectant women and couples for almost ten years and now is the time where you can bank on my experience, practical insider knowledge of local birth suites and explicit preparation also of your partner to hold you through your best teamwork effort yet. 

"I can't thank you enough for giving me the confidence and knowledge I needed to keep my calm and recognise and ask for what I needed. (...) Having a doula at the birth wasn't for us but doing the coaching session was the BEST thing I did. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

A Coastie mama of 2

Are you...

...Due to give birth soon and currently feeling overwhelmed or underprepared?

...Did you plan to have a doula by your side but now only your partner will be allowed to to support you?

...Feel stuck in a negative mindset about giving birth during a pandemic?

...Or would like to stay in control of decisions during a planned induction but don't know how?

...Fear your partner will be anxious as your sole support and needs more in depth guidance?

Feel safe, empowered and prepared.

My online coaching and virtual doula support is what you need right now in your birth bag!

'You are worth your weight in gold, Julia!'

You have made us feel comfortable to make decisions at each step of the way and for that we’ll be forever thankful.

Sarah & Daz, first baby

Online Packages for you.

1hr Power Call

Perfect for specific coaching needs

All of my expertise for one hour that is guaranteed to leave you more prepared. Perfect for birth partner coaching too!


Birth Coaching

My tried and trusted birth education

Effective, powerful birth coaching that addresses your individual needs from every perspective.


Virtual Doula

Your wing woman when it matters most

As your virtual doula I guide you remotely through every step, decision or challenge during your labour.


Or contact me for a chat to discuss your needs...

"Feeling supported is the first step towards a positive birth & newborn experience."

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