...perfect for specific coaching needs.

One Hour Power Call

Do you have a specific area or concern ahead of your birth which you would like to discuss with an expert? Maybe you are having an induction or a planned caesarean birth and would like to discuss specific ways that place you in control for having a positive birth experience? Or perhaps you would like to have a powerful conversation around birth coping techniques that will give you specific insight to how women work through the intensity of labour? Or perhaps your partner would appreciate a complete run down of birth partner support and how he can be the confident strong shoulder that he wants to be. 


This is where my power call can be one of the most effective hours you’ll ever experience.


At the time of booking you will receive a pre-call questionnaire to ensure I’m fully prepared and across your desired outcome for our conversation.

Power Call Overview

  • 1hr zoom (or phone if preferred) session at a time and date that works for you

  • 100% personalised content for one specific coaching area

  • Powerful knowledge that leaves you feeling empowered and more prepared

  • Post call summary of discussed key points

​The investment for my power call coaching is $95.

Talk to me if you have any questions - I’m here to help!

'Thank you, Julia!'

'Deciding to have support through the biggest event in life so far is the best thing I’ve done for myself.'

KimKim & Brandon, 2nd baby

...my tried and trusted birth education and more.

Birth Coaching Session


MY birth coaching session is guaranteed to leave you feeling prepared, ready and full of empowering ‘insider’ knowledge ahead of your birth. My sessions are completely personalised aimed to meet you directly where you are at so there’s no ‘standard’ session content which may not be relevant for you. This is powerful, essential birth coaching which looks at every dimension of your preparation.


IF you are currently feeling uncertain about your options, decisions and teamwork with your partner during birth then my coaching will take you where you need to be. My experience of supporting nearly 100 births in person plus years of prenatal education means I’m fully tuned into the emotional, physical and practical needs that pregnancy and birth brings.


AT the time of booking I will send you a questionnaire to ensure I’m fully aware of your needs and our time is used as effectively as possible.

Birth Coaching Session Summary 

  • ​2.5 hr zoom coaching session at a time and date that works for you

  • Personalised session content adjusted to what you need

  • My tried and trusted birth preferences worksheet which takes you through every stage of labour

  • Knowledge that focuses on placing you in control of your birth experience

  • Support in resolving or shifting existing fears or emotional barriers ahead of birth

  • Personalised birth preferences for your care provider following our session

  • My exclusive 'Essentials Guides' on Birth Partner Support, Coping Skills and more!

  • 1 x 45min follow up call after our session to clarify any areas if needed.

​The investment for my online birth coaching session is $295.

Talk to me if you have any questions - I’m here to help!

'From a male perspective Julia was brilliant.'

'For all you prospective dads to be out there, I can highly recommend Julia to “take some pressure” off you. Don’t think twice about using her services. She’s brilliant.'

Andrew, 2nd baby

...your wing woman on the day you need it most.

Virtual Doula Support


DURING times like these where in person doula support may not be feasible the benefits of having an experienced virtual doula to remotely guide you through every step and stage of your labour cannot be underestimated. It is the ‘phone a friend’ option when you’re unsure of what to do, when your partner needs reassurance, or when you want specific and detailed step by step guidance on how to approach your birth in a hospital environment. When you have a (normal) crisis of confidence and need to someone who believes in you to encourage you and guide you and your partner through this testing moment.


WITH my experience of supporting nearly 100 births in person, most of them on the Central Coast, you have very strong remote guidance for early labour at home and insider knowledge on how to navigate the challenging space that birth suites can be. I can be that reassuring voice for your partner in his ear, meaning he does not need to have all the answers but you have someone else on your team. I’m here to serve you with all my knowledge and insight.

Virtual Doula Support

  • 1hr zoom power coaching call ahead of your birth to discuss your hopes and wishes for your birth. 

  • On call virtual doula support meaning you can reach out to me 24/7 from 38 weeks…yes, even if this is at 2am in the morning.

  • Specific, practical, hands on knowledge to guide you and your partner through every step of your physiological or induction birth.

  • Remote ‘virtual’ support which can be via text message, phone call or FaceTime/zoom as preferred and needed throughout your labour and immediate postpartum hours.

  • Follow Up call after your birth to debrief your birth experience.

  • Combine this package with my birth coaching session for the complete virtual doula experience to ensure you are as prepared and supported as you can be (when in person doula support is not an option).

​The investment for my virtual doula support is $550.

Send me a message with any questions you may have - I’m here to help you feel confident!