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My Birth Support Packages

Everything you need to leave you feeling fully prepared and supported as you welcome your baby. 


My BRONZE birth support package

SOMETIMES the idea of a doula comes up very late in pregnancy. Or you are an experienced and informed 'birther' who feels doesn't need a lot of support  or education during the pregnancy but would like the support of a doula by your side during the birth. 

This package is for you. Have all my experience, unconditional support and advocacy by your side as you give birth, knowing that you are giving yourself a much greater chance of a positive birth experience. This package is literally birth support only so very limited prenatal/postnatal support meaning you've got to know your stuff and is likely not a good option for first time birthers unless you feel fully prepared through other independent birth education.

It is NEVER TOO LATE to hire a doula until you are in labour!


Package Inclusions:

  • On call 24/7 support from 38 weeks of pregnancy...or later if your booking is last minute!

  • 2 x 30 minute coaching call

  • Unlimited text support (within reason)

  • Exclusive Central Coast Doula 'Essentials' educational guide series (digital copy)

  • Exclusive tried and tested birth preference worksheet & care provider template

  • In person birth support

  • 1 prenatal meeting is included in the package fee for homebirthing families.


A prenatal or postnatal visit can be arranged for an additional fee.

The investment for my BRONZE Package is $1350. Payment plans are available.

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Newborn's Care
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My SILVER birth support package

MY complete package of pregnancy and birth support that is tailored to your individual circumstances. Whether you are a first time parent, are expecting a sibling to your firstborn, a rainbow baby or preparing for a VBAC, my birth support and experience will see you feeling prepared, cared for and held as birth unfolds. Doula support that offers continuity of care, birth education that fills the gap and knowledge that makes the difference when it matters.

Package Inclusions:

  •  First meeting which is obligation free

  •  2 x 2.5hr prenatal home visits

  •  1  additional in person catch up close to your due date or an accompanied antenatal care appointment

  • 4 x 30 minute coaching calls

  •  1 x 2.5hr postnatal visit including a Meals 4 Mummas meal package

  •  In person support throughout your labour and the first hours postnatally

  •  Unlimited text support

  • Exclusive Central Coast Doula 'Essentials' guide series (print copy)

  •  Education on options for each stage of labour and support to help you identify your birth preferences

  •  Support with the emotional journey of pregnancy & birth or resolving previous birth trauma

  • Optimum maternal and fetal positioning education for an easier birth 

  •  Learn about the essential ingredients of birth coping techniques

  •  Access to my extensive book library

  •  Aromatherapy during birth with high quality doTerra essential oils

  •  24/7 on call for 2 weeks before and after your due date

The investment for my SILVER Birth Support Package is $1850. Payment plans are available.To arrange an obligation free first meeting please get in touch

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My GOLD support package

MY complete package of pregnancy and birth support that stretches into your early postpartum, ensuring a complete experience of feeling supported. It includes bespoke postpartum care and Ayurvedic nutrition by Meals 4 Mummas which is designed for optimum postpartum recovery. Allow me to coach, care for and support you as you grow, birth and get to know your baby. This is the new paradigm of doula support.

Package Inclusions:

  • Everything from my SILVER package

  • Meals 4 Mummas hospital meal package to ensure you are nutritionally supported from birth

  • 3 x 3hrs of in home postpartum care including a Meals 4 Mummas meal basket at each visit

  • Emotional support, guidance and coaching through the emotional transition of postpartum

  • 4 x postpartum coaching calls

  • Six weeks of postpartum support via text/email

  • My exclusive 'mama goodie bag'  containing selected pregnancy, birth and postpartum products from local businesses.

In an ideal world, this is the package I would like all my families to choose as it includes postpartum support which is an essential cornerstone of the whole positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. You deserve to have the best possible start into life with your new baby and having someone by your side to guide you through this greatest of transitions in life.

For more information on my postnatal care options click here!

The investment for my GOLD package is $2650. Payment plans are available. 


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