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Jackie's heroicVBAC Journey

The heroic VBAC journey of Jackie. 💖 A journey that brought so much opportunity for healing, growing, learning and gave Jackie the gift of going into physiological labour, discovering her strength, working with her body in total oxytocin harmony.

What it did not give her was the experience of a vaginal birth. But the opportunity of a VBAC journey lies not only in how a woman gives birth in the end but there is so much in between and this is where the greatest healing can be found. Allowing her baby girl to choose her birthday (likely more than 2 weeks after a planned repeat caesarean birth date) was only the beginning. The opportunity to give it her all, to experience physiological labour, to feel her body and the strength of her mind when transition neared. To feel supported. Oh she looked so beautiful! 😍 So womanly, so strong, so in tune with the big waves her body was giving her even when she needed to be more patient than we had all expected. And then, as she reached full dilation and she began to bear down and bring her baby into her arms there was the biggest smile in her face. She got so close.

We saw her baby’s head and yet, little Tessa arrived in the world via caesarean birth after everything was tried including forceps. As it turned out, bladder adhesions to her uterus from her first caesarean birth affected her baby’s ability to descend and Jackie ended up with significant bladder surgery.

But the first message I received from her the following day summed up her journey so perfectly: ‘While I’m sad about the birth not giving me a VBAC, I’m feeling proud of myself today. What some would think are 2 similar births - ending in a emergency section due to baby’s position, fully dilated... actually couldn’t be more different for me. It was so different to experience this one without drugs, being able to move around, labouring at home to 7cm, feeling the pushing phase... I know that I was so much better prepared and empowered this time and I know I did everything I could to try for a VBAC. I’m so glad I did!’ 💖

This is the essence of a VBAC journey.

📸 Pics shared with permission by the amazing Jackie. 💕

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