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Joey's speedy homebirth arrival

More homebirth magic. This is Aja, holding her two boys close after a whirlwind of a birth...but more on that later. After giving birth to her first son in hospital (20 minutes after arriving), Aja and her husband Perry decided relatively late in her pregnancy to change plans and choose a homebirth after realizing that all her ‚birth worries‘ were related to getting to and being in hospital. She found wonderful midwifery care with Heidi from @central.coast.homebirth and things felt like they were falling into place. It was such a relief for Aja to know that once in labour she would not need to go anywhere! Her waves arrived gently in the early morning hours but intensified so I made my way to beautiful Yarramalong and we spent a calm and quiet morning together at home. I treasure these hours in my memory, filled with the hopeful anticipation of the impending arrival of Aja‘s baby and consciously enjoying the relaxed beauty of her being at home. Heidi the midwife arrived for a check up and, as Aja‘s waves had spaced out and were more happening in the background, we all decided to leave them again in their cosy bubble for some sleep and time as a couple with the plan to return once things intensified again. Ha! Little Joey had other plans. I had only been home for an hour when a message from Perry to me and Heidi made it clear we had to come back NOW! as Aja‘s surges went from mild to as she relaxed in the bathtub. A storm unfolded in the skies, I drove as fast as I could down country roads with heavy rain and thunder surrounding me...and arrived about 10 minutes after little Joey landed in his fathers strong and capable hands. All was well, all was perfect. Aja did everything right. Choosing to birth at home meant her baby was born in his parents bedroom rather than in a car or roadside puddle at night.

She was incredible! What an incredible force of nature to bring her baby boy into her arms in less than an hour of active labour. After she tucked her firstborn into bed and sat down in her lounge with a cool ginger beer in hand I couldn’t help but feel so proud and happy for her and her boys. This is homebirth!

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