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Kajsa's Birth Story

💖 VBAC women are warriors 💖

Women who choose to prepare for a VBAC are courageous. They make themselves vulnerable from the moment they desire to give birth vaginally after having had a caesarean birth and usually need to work through a lot of opposition. They take a risk. Not for the safety of their baby or themselves but for their heart and the possibility of their deep wish of giving birth vaginally not being fulfilled. I know myself as a woman who’s last birth was a caesarean just how much another opportunity to give birth again would have meant to me. So to me all women who make the decision to prepare for a VBAC are already birth warriors!

This is the story of Kajsa, a birth warrior. She deeply desired a different birth experience from her first during which she felt disconnected from her body, overwhelmed by syntocinon contractions and a prolonged labour that ended in a caesarean birth. So for her second birth she found me, albeit quite late in her pregnancy, and together we worked through a lot of remaining fears to clear the way for a new experience. She went into labour at home, she worked with her body throughout the night and in the morning we met together with her partner Jonny at Gosford Hospital. A day of hard posterior labouring unfolded during which Kajsa dropped into her body, we tried everything she was open to including rebozo and sterile water injections for her overwhelming back pain and her partner held her close. Her baby boy was not descending. He wasn’t coming even after Kajsa chose to have an epidural with the aim to relax her pelvic and lower back muscles and get some much needed rest. So in the evening hours a repeat caesarean birth was recommended. Tears rolled over Kajsa’s cheeks as she realised her dream of a vaginal birth was slipping out of her hands whilst also feeling she had given it her all. And what followed was something I’ll treasure as a special moment forever in my heart: Kajsa asked for some time to mourn the loss of her vaginal birth, be on her own with her partner and come to peace with the decision that had to be made. Self empowered and directed decision making right there. And when she was ready she told the doctors she was choosing caesarean birth with a smile in her face, now looking forward to meeting her baby boy soon. My heart felt many things in that moment and filled my eyes; most of all I was so proud of Kajsa for owning this moment.

A VBAC never holds any promises (like anything in birth!) but what it will always bring is a journey of self discovery, using courage and the opportunity to experience your own body. 🌟

📷 Photos shared with permission. Thank you Kajsa for allowing me to share your beautiful story!


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