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Maddy's Homebirth

Love sharing some of the homebirth magic I’ve been lucky to experience, this time with Maddy and the birth of her first baby, beautiful Evvy.

A first birth that is rare to happen for a woman these days, completely undisturbed but supported in every dimension, allowing Maddy to drop into her body so beautifully and trust that she could climb any mountain. A peaceful birth that transitioned into a wonderful postpartum with Maddy feeling empowered and intuitive in her new role as a mother. But what this birth also did is introduce her husband to birth in a wonderful way, without fear or emotional trauma but a sense of deep connection and support for his wife as they brought their baby into the world...together. It is a beautiful aspect of homebirth not spoken about too often, as is the birth trauma of fathers in general.

I meet so many men who are deeply traumatized by the experience of birth, the experience of loss of control, fear for their loved ones. Homebirth is a wonderful opportunity for fathers to experience the process of birth in a completely different way and for them to step into fatherhood with the gift of connection and sense of having been a crucial part of bringing their baby into the world. Sean did not move from Maddy’s side and his calm trust in her strength gave her the wings she needed. So beautiful!

This is where the healing begins, where parenting starts from an experience of connection and awe of the wonder that birth truly is. This is homebirth!

Photos by Julia MacLeod and shared with permission from the wonderful Maddy Your Unique Matter - thank you, Maddy! Xx

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