Birth Coping Essentials

How do women cope with the intensity of birth? Is it a mindset? A special technique? 


In this Essentials guide I decipher what I have observed as a doula in almost 100 births and give you a breakdown of what women need to work with their bodies and access their strength as they give birth. 


I've identified four elements which women need to essentially consider in their preparation before labour:


Birth Space Essentials

Emotional Essentials (likely the most powerful one)

Support Essentials

Physical Coping Technique Essentials


It points you towards the key areas which you need to have in place so you can too work with your body and the incredible power you will experience during labour.


I've made it available for the intro price of $15 to make it accessible for any birthing women who needs this right now.

Birth Coping Essentials

  • After purchasing you will receive my 'Birth Coping Essentials' guide as your own personal PDF copy for download.