Birth Partner Essentials Guide

If there is one guide you read before supporting a woman in labour then make it THIS one! Packed with the information and insight that you won't learn during a birth class, I have poured my doula experience into this pocket guide for everyone who needs and wants to be the strongest support they can be for their labouring woman.


The guide is split into three support areas:


Practical Essentials

At home during early labour and once in hospital


Communication Essentials

How do women in labour communicate and what is needed from birth partners in terms of communication not only with the woman but also the care provider?


Emotional Essentials

Likely the most important but most overlooked aspect of birth partner support! Understand some key emotional aspects of labour support and how to manage your own emotions to be strong when she needs you most!


Last but not least there are some relevant questions at the end of the guide for the birth partner to ask themselves and the birthing woman!

Birth Partner Essentials Guide

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