Gift Voucher - Postpartum Mini Package

Are you looking for that SPECIAL gift idea to support your expecting mama friend? How about giving her something that will help her feel cared for in the most beautiful and professional way once she is at home with her baby. Something meaningful that will leave a lasting effect in the memory of her early postpartum.


My Mini Postpartum Package is a sure way of changing the tone and experience of any mama who has just given birth. It entitles the holder to three postpartum care visit (3hrs each so 9hrs in total) meaning I will check in with your special mama once she has had her baby to hear how she's doing and arrange a date for me to come and visit her in her home to provide loving care that is completed attuned to the mama's needs. I will be at her home for three hours during which I will make her a wholesome breakfast, bring time to listen and debrief her birth if she wishes and do anything else that will lighten her load during that time. Before I leave I will prepare a homemade lunch and ensure she is feeling completely nurtured, cared for and held in the raw space that the early postpartum brings.


This is a gift that goes beyond any material gift your special mum to be could receive following the birth of her baby. For more information on my Postpartum Mini Package please read here.

Gift Voucher - Postpartum Mini Package

  • By purchasing this gift voucher you will receive a beautiful digital two page gift voucher which can be printed and personalised for your special mama to be.

"Feeling supported is the first step towards a positive birth & newborn experience."

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