...everything a newborn mama and family needs.

Postpartum Care

Having a baby is an exhausting and sacred time in a woman's life during which you as the mother deserve all the love, support and care in the world. With me as your postnatal doula I will help you to have the best possible start into your '4th trimester' and bonding time with your baby.


After you've had your baby I will come to your home and promise to leave you feeling better than when I arrived. I and support you with baby care, listen to your birth debrief, can troubleshoot initial breastfeeding issues (or identify the need for professional advice), share settling techniques and helpful routines or simply ensure that you get rest by looking after your baby whilst you shower, sleep or spend time with older siblings. I tidy your bedroom, lounge, sort the kitchen and do some laundry/folding - anything that will help you to rest more. Part of every package is my wholesome food designed to leave you feeling nurtured from the inside.


A postnatal doula can be particularly helpful for situations when no immediate family lives nearby or your partner cannot take time off work/returns to work very soon.

Postnatal Care Packages
Postnatal 'Mini' Package
The PERFECT extension of my birth support package or if you just need a little bit of dedicated help once you are at home or for the first week after your partner has returned to work. Also ideal for mothers who have had a caesarean birth and need that little bit more assistance to ensure you can rest and recover as needed.
  •  Obligation free 'meet and greet'
  •  3hrs of postnatal support during the day for 3 visits ( 9 hrs total)
  •  Support which is tailored to your individual needs
  • Postnatal food as in morning tea, a healthy snack and lunch
  •  Assistance with light housework duties such as meal preparation, laundry & general tidying
  •  Ensure that you as the mother get as much rest and time with your baby as possible
  •  Older sibling care (if needed)
  •  Give support/advice on settling, baby care, normal newborn behaviour and breastfeeding 
  •  Be available for birth debrief/emotional support with adjusting to your new baby
  •  Telephone/Email/SMS support during my time as your postnatal doula
The investment for my postnatal 'Mini Package' is $750. You also have the option of purchasing two 'Mini' packages (18hrs of support)  for which the fee is $1300. Discounts apply when booked as a package with Birth Doula Support. Please ask me for details.
Postnatal 'Maxi' Package
This package is ideal for families with a limited local support network around them, first time parents and those wishing to have unbiased but totally personal and dedicated support available that allows you to gently ease into life with your newborn over a period of time. The ultimate care and continuity of support for your 4th trimester!
  • Obligation free 'meet and greet'
  • 3hrs of postnatal support during the day for spread across 10 visits (30 hrs total)
Included is everything from my 'Maxi Package' and support is always tailored to your individual needs.
The investment for my postnatal 'Maxi Package' package is $2000.
Discounts apply when booked as a package with Birth Doula Support. Please ask me for details.

You can also choose to book me by the hour for a standard fee of $75/hour for a minimum of three hours to support you in whichever way is most helpful to you.