"What I love about my role is to identify and nurture the individual needs of every woman, family and birth. Connect with you as a woman, mother and someone who deeply listens to what is important to you on this incredible journey." - Julia

"Julia completely transformed my experience of birth. She took me from being in a place of fear, disconnect and disempowerment... and guided me on a journey that resulted in me having a birth that was beautiful, informed, healing and, honestly, filled with magic.

Julia has continued to support our family through our first month postpartum, and her presence in our lives has made our transition to a family of four, so much smoother and more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined! Not only has she given me the confidence to parent by heart, encouraging me in following my instincts and trusting in myself; but she’s given me the most incredible PRACTICAL support, that has helped in a real and tangible way. Fresh sheets, cooked meals, washing done, dishes cleaned - she’s there to provide the support at the time I’ve needed it most. My life is so much richer for having met Julia. If there’s one thing I could recommend to any pregnant woman, it would be to engage with this remarkable doula, and embrace the life-changing experience of having her support throughout your journey."

- Samantha & Andrew, second baby, March 2018


"Julia is incredible. Having her support throughout my pregnancy, birth and beyond was the best decision my husband and I made. Julia's presence is calming and empowering. She's passionate, knowledgable and was there for us whenever we needed her. She knew exactly what we both needed, when we didnt know for ourselves. She was the strength and guidance we needed during labour. Amazing, strong, gentle and an inspirational woman! The Central Coast is so lucky to have her."

- Gemma, second baby, December 2016


"I don't think I have ever felt so held in my life. I was conscious of Julia's energy creating a space for me to be comfortable with all that is the process of birth and navigating the challenges of pregnancy. And she did that for both Gibran and I. This allowed us to be available emotionally for our baby. He is very calm and I believe he is adjusting to life outside of the womb so well because of this. I feel that I have been able to process my birth experience and understand it so much better with Julia. I wish that every woman giving birth had a doula. Our world be so much more harmonious. How we are born impacts us for the rest of our lives. And having this kind of support helped both my husband and I transition into the whirlwind of newborn life."

- Arlene, second baby - November 2016

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"We can't thank Julia enough for her support during our pregnancy and the birth of our boy Leo. With Julia's knowledge, intuition, demeanor, emotional support and physical assistance, we were able to have a truly great birth experience. I think for some couples, there may be a question as to whether having a doula may interfere with the intimate birth experience they want to share with their partner. What became very clear as soon as we booked Julia, was that she was there for both of us. She was committed in helping us as a couple in achieving a positive birth, whatever path that may be for us. During labour she had a calm presence, used encouraging language, showed amazing endurance and strength, along with providing extra comforts like essential oils, lighting and massage ;) She helped me to continue to find my inner strength. A doula is a must and Julia is the one to have!"​

 - Ilona & Simon - June 2016 - First baby


"Julia has a true passion for her work. She has a beauty that shines through everything she does the entire time she is engaging with you, and her unwavering strength and support was a blessing during our pregnancy and birth experience. She was just a stable presence and 'there' the entire time. Julia will be an asset for anyone who is seeking additional support and encouragement during their pregnancy and birth."​

 - Vida & Richard - April 2016 - First baby

"What can I say?! Julia was absolutely amazing and without her constant support and guidance I honestly believe that my birth wouldn't have been close to what it was. I had an amazing VBAC, where I felt educated and full of confidence. Julia is a special person who was born to be a doula. My husband and I will be forever grateful for the beautiful, gentle and kind presence she had throughout pregnancy and birth. Thankyou Julia!! xx"​

- Rachel & Tim - June 2016 - Third baby

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